Beco filter sheets

Beco filter sheets

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We’ve been selling Beco® filter sheets for over 20 years and with good reason: they’re renowned for quality and reliability for depth filtration application in the wine and cider industry.

If you aren’t sure what depth filtration is all about here’s a brief overview: It is used for course, clarifying and fine filtration, as well as for microbe reduction/removal. It is also used for the separation of colloidal haze and microorganisms. It works by retaining particles mechanically in the depth filter medium (which has an asymmetric hollow space structure) and gradually decreasing the pore structure towards the outlet side of the sheet. This results in particles significantly smaller than the pores of the medium being retained under negative charge (electrokinetic potential).

Beco® sheets are made up of very pure, finely fibrillated cellulose fibres and their selective properties are achieved using mineral components. They come in a range of grades to enable precise filtration for each task. The quality control of the raw materials used and rigorous inspections guarantee a consistent Beco® quality. The special features of the Beco® range include:

  • Reliable retention of undesirable components due to the pore structure
  • Excellent clarifying efficiency due to high quality raw materials
  • Economical filtration through high dirt holding capacity

For wine applications, Beco® depth filter sheets reliably separate coarse and fine haze substances, offer excellent colloid retention rates and/or reduce microbes while simultaneously preserving beneficial ingredients, with low colour retention.

We stock grades which span 0.3 to 2.5 μm nominal rating which we have found the most popular amongst wine and cider makers: K3 (“coarse” 2.5μm) which have a large-volume pore structure for coarse filtration and clarifying filtration applications; K7 (“medium” 1.5μm) and K12 (“fine” 0.8μm) which retain ultrafine particles reliably and have a germ-reducing effect for haze-free clarification prior to storing and bottling; and Steril60 (“sterile” 0.3μm) for cold-sterile bottling or storing — these have a high germ retention rate due to their fine pored structure and electrokinetic potential with absorptive effect — they also have a high retention capacity for colloidal ingredients. Sheets are available in 40 x 40cm and 20 x 20cm.

Beco® sheets have a rough side and a smooth side. The rough side is the suspension/retention side and the smooth side is the filtrate side. The filtrate side should always face the filtrate plate of the plate filter.

You can order your filter sheets online, or if you’d like to discuss your filtration requirements with us, please call UK 01404 892100.

Published May 31, 2019

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