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We're pleased to announce that our Rawlings, our sister company, have partnered with DOLIUM, a worldwide leader in one-way packaging solutions for distribution of its one-way kegs in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Founded in 2013, DOLIUM offers a user friendly, cost-efficient, and sustainable alternative to stainless steel kegs. DOLIUM is based in Antwerp, Belgium with distribution partners in 35 countries.

DOLIUM® kegs are one-way and solve the problems many drink producers, particularly breweries, face with the high costs of low-rotation markets and long-distance shipping.

DOLIUM® kegs are:

  • One-time use, eliminating the need for steel keg rental/ownership, cleaning, and/or return
  • Much cheaper per unit than stainless steel kegs with on ongoing transport costs savings
  • Low minimum order quantities – perfect for seasonal/smaller production runs
  • Ideal for expanding into new markets, including on-trade, export & festivals
  • Compatible for all filling & dispense systems
  • Perfect for beer, wine, cider, soft drinks/sodas, cold brew coffee, kombucha & RTD cocktails (carbonated or still)

DOLIUM one-way kegs are lightweight, strong, stackable, food safe and 100% recyclable. They are also stackable for optimal palletisation. Dolium prioritises safety through the supply chain with its patented Automatic Pressure Release Value (PRV). The valve releases pressure automatically when it exceeds 5 bar during storage or transport; it then closes when it reaches 2 bar. The kegs are easily depressurised after emptying. The walls of Dolium kegs offer 18 months of barrier protection through a three barrier technology, which consists of an:

  • Active O2 barrier
  • Passive CO2 barrier
  • UV protection barrier

These features ensure a product life equal to stainless steel kegs. Dolium kegs are clean, sterile and dry. They are flushed with CO2 and pressurised at 1 bar. Dolium kegs have been audited and certified by the main global beverage companies under extreme conditions, including temperature, pressure and handling.

Our CEO, Tom Wood, says:

“The dolium one-way kegs offer a brilliant route to new and untapped markets. It allows Craft producers the freedom to concentrate on their product rather than the hygiene and cost concerns of cleaning Stainless kegs along with the logistics of a stainless keg fleet. In a world where energy and shipping costs remain high the, Dolium one-way Kegs will help to reduce both. We are delighted to add them to our portfolio.”

If you're interested a cost-effective way of expanding into new markets via one-way kegs, please give Rawlings a call on 01179 604141 or email them direct at

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