New! CraftCan DUO

New! CraftCan DUO

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We've added one of the latest American Beer Equipment product innovations, the CraftCan DUO™, to our canning line range. The CraftCan DUO™ includes all the features of the original CraftCan™ but has a ‘dual-fill’ design, in the form of two filling lanes [rather than one], filling at over twice the output of the CraftCan™. In addition, as a result of the DUO’s double lane, it can fill 2 different can sizes at once.

Here's how the CraftCan DUO™ compares to the CraftCan™:

  • CraftCan Duo16 has a capacity of up to 5,400 cans per hour (up to 90 cans per minute), 2.5x that of the CraftCan35
  • CraftCan Duo8 is different in that it is supplied as single lane, as standard, but has the flexibility of being upgraded to a dual lane at a later date. As a single lane it has a capacity of 2,700 cans per hour (up to 45 cans per minute), 3x that of the CraftCan15. A second lane gives the Duo8 capacity up to 5,400 cans per hour.

See it in action in the video below.

Features include:

  • Independent dual lane production for industry-leading versatility
  • Time-saving simple changeover to produce multiple can sizes (run 2 separate can sizes, one on each lane, if necessary)
  • Dual touchscreen PLC controls for setup & monitoring of each lane
  • Unique one-piece stainless fill heads for sanitation
  • Fill heads with CO2 purge & micro-burst features minimizes DO pick-up
  • Proprietary CO2 blast creates the perfect amount of foam on beer
  • Floating lid skimmer secures each lid until the moment of seaming
  • Compact design with optional castors allows for increased mobility
  • Industry leading & patented Servo Seaming technology ensures repeatable seaming precision and real-time seam monitoring (includes dual seaming stations)
  • Rotary can indexing with on-screen micro can adjustment for precise seam positioning
  • Includes post-rinse & drier to maximise brand presentation
  • Continuous data logging provides pre-emptive service alerts
  • Space efficient
  • Safety guarded & CE marked by us
  • Can easily be incorporated into existing lines or supplied as a full line (depalletiser, conveyor, packing tables etc.)

Andy, our Sales Director, says:

“We’re really pleased to add the DUO to our range. When we introduced the standard CraftCan to the UK market in 2016, it became an integral stepping stone for craft breweries, enabling them to start canning on a craft scale on both a smaller budget and smaller footprint than other machines the UK market could offer. The new CraftCan DUO represents an attractive offering to drink brewers looking to increase their throughput and efficiency without the inhibitive costs of counter pressure filling lines. It is also our best future-proof canning option for breweries, cider makers, wine, kombucha, soda, tonic and cold brew coffee producers looking to start canning, who need the flexibility of dual-fill throughput and different can sizes."

With over 40 canning line installations under or belt, we offer a comprehensive supply, installation and commissioning service. Our engineering team are a critical part of our canning line offering.

If you'd like to read about the benefits of cans and canning in-house, read our Why can in house? blog.

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