New KeyKeg Filler!

New KeyKeg Filler!

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We're pleased to add Malek Brautech's new EASYFILL semi-automatic KeyKeg Filler to our range.

KeyKegs Advantages

KeyKegs are a great way of taking advantage of the keg concept without the hassles of collecting the empties (your assets); without the need for keg cleaning equipment (for their reuse); and without the product coming into contact with dispensing gas. If you're new to the KeyKeg here are some key advantages:

  • Single use - one-way keg, disposable
  • Ideal for beer, wine (still & sparkling, e.g., Charmat method), cider, RTDs, premixed cocktails, kombucha & coffee
  • Ideal for dispensing drinks on tap
  • Used by 1,440 drink producers world-wide
  • Bag-in-keg™ principle with Double Wall™ technology for a long shelf-life, e.g., beer stays as fresh for as long as it will in a steel keg
  • Double Wall™ technology - safer & more robust compared to other one-way kegs
  • Good range of capacities - 10, 20 & 30 litres
  • Tested by the Research & Teaching Institute for Brewing in Berlin VLB (using beer) & Hochschule Geisenheim University (using wine)
  • Higher loading capacity than steel kegs (25-35%)
  • Lightweight (empty KeyKeg just over 1kg; empty steel keg 6-10kg), stackable & easy to handle
  • Complete branding options
  • Maximum dispense pressure 4.1 bar
  • The only plastic keg with a 'circular design' sustainability model - can be recycled (once deflated with a small tool)

Read more here about KeyKegs here in the OneCircle brochure, founders of the KeyKeg.

EASYFILL KeyKeg Filler

Malek Brautech designed and manufacture the new EASYFILL KeyKeg filler and are official suppliers of filling machines for KeyKegs. The EASYFILL filler provides an optimised filling process and typically fills 50 to 60 KeyKegs per hour, depending on the product pressure and the operator. It is user-friendly and designed to be operated by only one operator. Features include:

  • Single filling station
  • Integrated touch-screen control panel
  • Program steps configured as per the recommendation of OneCircle, founders of the KeyKeg
  • Fill process controlled by inductive flow meter & all pressures monitored with sensors
  • Small footprint
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Contact Us

If you are looking to expand your packaging format to include an easy one-way dispense option, please call us on 01404 892 100 to discuss your requirements and for more information on Key-Keg fillers.

Higher capacity keg (steel) filling machines and filling lines are available with the extra flexibility of being able to fill KeyKegs via additional change parts.

As with all equipment supplied by us, installation is carried out by their team of engineers (6 engineers & 2 apprentice engineers), who also offer a full technical support including maintenance and repair for the lifetime of the machine.

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