Amazon SupaPore VPW 30" absolute membrane (sterile) C7 filter cartridge

95355Amazon SupaPore VPW 30" absolute membrane (sterile) C7 filter cartridge

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SupaPore VPW 30" code 7 (C7) filter cartridges are absolute membrane cartridges, manufactured by renowned Amazon Filters, to be used in the appropriate Amazon Series 30" 72 filter housing (available separately, see below).

  • Ideal for membrane filtration in order to achieve the sterile filtration of product - typically membrane filtration is carried out pre bottling/kegging/canning
  • Absolute membrane filter cartridge
  • 0.45µm (micron) rating
  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • Excellent flow rates and superior throughputs, without affecting taste, aroma or colour
  • Can be in-situ steam sterilised and offer excellent chemical resistance enabling the cartridges to be repeatedly cleaned for a longer service life
  • No ABV restrictions - okay with even 100% ethanol
  • 30" long
  • Code 7 end & EPDM seal
  • For use in the Amazon 72 Series 30" Stainless Steel C7 Filter Housing (part code 81146 - available separately, listed below)

[Please note, it is usual for the product to be filtered prior to membrane (as in sterile) filtration]

NB If you are in any doubt about which filter to choose for your application, please call us on 01404 892 100 for advice.

NB We cannot refund cartridges returned in unsealed packaging.


Please see Filtration Media for our full range of filters cartridges, sheets, bags & socks.

Please see Filters in Catalogue for our full range of filters.


  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • Advanced single layer membrane that offers the highest flow rates
  • Utilises naturally hydrophilic PES membrane providing low adsorption of protein, colour and flavour components
  • Can be regenerated for extended service life
  • Repeatedly integrity testable to assure consistent performance throughout their service life
  • Thermally bonded and adhesive free
  • Each unit is pre-flushed with ultra pure water and integrity tested before final assembly
  • Validated for consistent and reliable performance (see download)
  • Robust design allows multiple regenerations and sanitisations
  • Suitable for most sanitisation regimes including steaming, autoclaving, hot water flush and most common sanitising agents



  • Length: 30" (757mm)
  • 0.45µm (micron) rating
  • Naturally hydrophilic PES membrane
  • Polypropylene media support
  • Maximum flow rate: 3000 lph
  • Code 7 end & EPDM seal
  • Max operating conditions: 80°C
  • Recommended change-out differential pressure: 2.5 Bar
  • See product specification sheet in Downloads tab for full details
  • For use in the Amazon 72 Series 30" filter housing for Code 7 ends (available separately - see main description)


Amazon Filters

Amazon Filters is Europe's leading manufacturer's of filtration solutions.

Here are some of the reasons why we choose Amazon Filters:

  • Their reputation
  • They provide one the widest selection of filtration vessels, depth filters and pleated cartridges available today
  • Production, R&D, and design functions are all located at their UK head office in Camberley
  • Their filters are manufactured in clean room conditions using materials that meet Food Contact requirements
  • Amazon is accredited to ISO9001;2015 by one of the world's most prestigious and respected accreditation bodies, the British Standards Institute
  • Their cartridges are manufactured under strict control with batch number identification, giving full traceability on all components
  • All their products come with detailed Product Validation Guides and Technical Support documentation
  • Many of their filters can be regenerated using hot water or a variety of chemical treatments to ensure production costs are minimised

Company Development:

Amazon Filters was founded in 1985 by Mike Pizzey, an engineer with nearly 20 years previous filtration experience. The company now employs over 220 staff and is a renowned UK provider of optimum filtration solutions for liquid and gas process filtration, with subsidiaries in Germany and Poland. Amazon Filters design and manufacture filter housings and filter elements for liquid and gas process filtration.

The Range

The Amazon filter range include filter housings and filter cartridges and bags for a range of different filtration applications, including:

  • High debris removal - Series 81 housings compatible used with DuoLine Mini Filter bags
  • Pre-filter sediment removal - Series 28 housings used with SupaGard cartridges; Series 51 housings used with SupaGard cartridges
  • Pre-membrane filtration - Series 72 housings used with SupaPore FPW cartridges
  • Membrane filtration for sterile - Series 72 housings used with SupaPore VPW cartridges
  • Sediment removal/polishing - Series 51 housings used with SupaSpun II cartridges

Please note, the Amazon Filters range is vast in its entirity* and for those new to Amazon Filters it can be a challenge to determine which filter is suitable for a particular application -if you need some adviceplease do not hesitate to call us on 01404 892 100 - we are more than happy to help.

(*) Please note, we don't list all the filters in their range on our website, but we can supply any of their filters [NB if you require filter cartridges which we don't routinely keep in stock a minimum order quantity may apply.]

Amazon Filters Video

Watch the Amazon Filters video here.

What we offer

As an Amazon Filters' distributor, we can offer you ...

  • Advice on the appropriate filter for you - taking product and desired outcomes into consideration
  • Advice on the appropriate fittings required to connect in-line
  • A single filter or the assembly of full cartridge filtration systems by our team of multi-skilled Vigo engineers - for an example of a basic assembly, please see here
  • Comprehensive 12 month warranty, backed up by our engineers
  • Full technical backup

Case Studies

Over the years, in addition to supplying standard single cartridge filters, we've assembled multiple full (bespoke) cartridge filtration systems, e.g., for filtration prior to automated bottling filling and kegging systems. Please ask us about our most recent project.

How can we help you?

If you're looking for a filter or fill filtration system, please give us a call on 01404 892 100 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.



We have been supplying producers in the drink industry since 1984. We work with renowned manufacturers throughout Europe and in America to bring you robust and efficient production and processing equipment, backed up by our team of Vigo engineers. The manufacturer listed above is just one example. See our Manufacturers page for a list / more information on the manufacturers we are proud to work with.

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