• New! Gripple Anchor 3 closed tip with 1m of wire rope
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New! Gripple Anchor 3 closed tip with 1m of wire rope

90292New! Gripple Anchor 3 closed tip with 1m of wire rope

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NEW! IMPROVED ANCHOR 3 FROM GRIPPLE®, a world leading manufacturer of wire-joining & tensioning systems, now supplied with closed rather than open tip.

  • Creates a secure, fixed anchoring point below the ground
  • No pre-digging or ground preparation is required, dramatically reducing installation time

The Anchor 3 includes:

  • 1 x Gripple Anchor 3
  • a pre-cut, fused 1m length of wire rope

Installation: The Gripple Universal Drive Tool(part code 90291, available separately) is required to guide the anchor as it is driven into the ground; the Anchor can be driven into the ground via a sledgehammer or Gripple Petrol Driver (please enquire) - please see the videos below in the YouTube tab.

See the Sales Sheet & Test Results Sheet in the Downloads tap below.


Ideal for use with the Gripple Anchoring Kits (including the GPAK3 PLUS for Wooden End Posts - part code 90293 - available separately; & the GPAK3 PLUS for Metal End Posts - part code 90294 - available separately) to secure the anchor to the end posts.


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  • Robust – designed for drive efficiency and maximum load capacity
  • Undisruptive – streamlined profile for minimal soil disturbance
  • Versatile – suitable for a variety of soil types
  • Quick – speed of installation delivers significant time and labour savings
  • Durable - zinc aluminium wire rope for maximum corrosion resistance



  • 1 x Gripple Anchor 3
  • 1m length of 3mm diameter zinc aluminium wire rope



Video shows Universal Drive Tool (the pole, available separately) and the Gripple Petrol Driver (please contact us to enquire): Installation of Anchor 3 using Gripple Petrol Driver (please contact us to enquire) vs sledgehammer:

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