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200 litre Braumeister brewing system - 93011

The Braumeister is a compact, self-contained brewing system which allows you to make any type of beer – English ales, lagers, ‘Blonde’ beers, wheat beers – anything! It has fully automatic, programmable temperature and time functions, and an integral pump. The accurate, automatic controls give you good, consistent results, and reliable replication.

The Braumeister combines a hot liquor tank, mash tun and copper in one compact vessel. All models contain powerful elements for fast heating, and a pump. The full features are listed below, or you can download Speidel's latest Braumeister brochure here[10MB].

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Price on application.

'The freedom of choice and total control of the entire process is what puts this system above the rest. With the brewer able to select malts and adjuncts, mashing profile, boiling and hopping regimes, as well as downstream fermentation, this system allows the brewer to pretty much brew any beer style (and create their own!).' Brewer & Distiller International, April 2015

'The precise nature of the system and ease of repeatability mean that such a system is perfect for small and large breweries.' Brewer & Distiller International, March 2015

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The 200 litre model is ideal for start-up micro breweries, especially if space is limited. This model is supplied with a lifting crane to lift the malt cylinder, and an external cooling jacket which can be connected to the cold water supply in order to cool the wort. Stainless steel fermentation tanks are available, with heating/cooling jackets to control fermentation and storage conditions, using temperature control systems.

Available in 200 litre and 500 litre capacities for micro-breweries, as well as 20 litre and 50 litre version for pilot brews.

  • Extremely simple to use – takes the mystery out of brewing!
  • Use to make any type of beer/ale
  • Hot liquor tank, mash tun & copper in one compact vessel!
  • Auto programmable temperature & time functions
  • Reliable replication of results

The Braumeister can be programmed by the brewer according to the recipe for the beer being brewed, with the following programmable phases:

  1. Mashing the wort
  2. Protein phase
  3. Maltose phase
  4. Saccharification phase
  5. Hop boiling

At each stage the precise temperature and time can be set and the Braumeister gives appropriate prompts to the user at each stage. After hop boiling the wort can be rapidly cooled using the cooling jacket connected to either cold water or a chiller unit. The beer then needs to be transferred to a tank for fermentation.


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