Cabinet pasteuriser - SPECIAL OFFER! ONLY 1 AVAILABLE

POA - Please Call 01404 892100

SPECIAL OFFER PRICE! ONLY ONE UNIT AVAILABLE. Please call us on 01404 892 100 to ask for the price.

This Cabinet-pasteuriser is ideal for pasteurising filled and closed bottles/cans of fruit juice, cider & vinegar. Pasteurisation time is typically one hour per batch.

  • Large capacity – up to 480 x 1 litre bottles per hour (more for smaller bottles)
  • Pasteurisation via hot steam
  • Continuous even heating
  • Filled and closed bottles are placed into the chamber (crates not supplied with pasteuriser)
  • Programmable temperature level and duration via digital control panel
  • Adjustable heat & cooling timed
  • Machine shuts off when pasteurisation cycle finishes

This pasteuriser has an additional advantage in that the bottles are well cleaned on the outside during the process.

NB A steam generator (not included) is required for this product - see Specification

Please call us on 01404 892100 to discuss your pasteurisation requirements.

For pasteurising filled and closed bottles/cans of fruit juice, cider, vinegar, conserves or chutney. Canned fruit or vegetables can also be pasteurised.

  • Up to 480 x 1 litre bottles per hour (more for smaller bottles)
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of product types and packaging sizes
  • Stainless steel construction with insulated housing
  • Electronic temperature and time control
  • Automatic temperature control with individual sensors for water and product temperature
  • Processing temperature permanently displayed on control panel
  • Air circulation by High effective Stainless Steel Airblower
  • Steam injection in the air channel for opimized steam mixing
  • Pneumatically actuated Steam valve
  • Condensate outlet on the bottom of the Chamber DN70
  • 4 Adjustable feet
  • Steam consumption: approx. 150 kg / hr at 1 bar pressure
  • Electric power consumption: 4kW/ 16A / 3-phase / 400V
  • Pneumatic pressure 6 Bar
  • Water connection: ¾”
  • Dimensions (mm): Width 1400 x depth 2000 x height 2700mm
  • Weight: 700mm

NB An external hot steam generator with minimal capacity 150 kg of steam per hour is required for this pasteuriser

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