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Vigo Keeving Kit

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Keeving is a natural process by which nutrients are removed from apple juice destined for cider production. The resulting cider ferments slowly and can reach relative stability with a significant residual sweetness, giving a full and fruity cider.

The Vigo keeving kit enables cider makers to induce keeving, gaining a measure of control over the process. The kit contains sufficient pectin methyl esterase enzyme and calcium chloride to treat about 1000 litres of typical cider apple juice. See the instructions for further information.

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For more information about keeving you might like to visit Andrew Lea's website. When in the site, please search for the keyword 'keeving'.


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The kit consists of:

  • 14ml of CPME (concentrated pectin methyl esterase) solution
  • 500g of hydrated calcium chloride flakes
  • 1ml syringe


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