• Ebulliometer (traditional version)
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Ebulliometer (traditional version)

94231Ebulliometer (traditional version)

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The Ebulliometer provides the classical method of alcohol determination in wine and cider.

  • Alcohol content measurement based on a measurement of the comparative boiling point of water and the alcoholic product
  • Accurate readings to within 0.1% alcohol for products of 0-17% alcohol
  • Consists of a highly polished chromed housing with boiler, chimney and thermometer mounting, a spirit burner (methylated spirit required), a digital thermometer, a calculation disc, a graduated test tube & a box of wicks
  • Packed in a metal carrying case

NB Distilled water (not supplied) is required to calibrate the ebulliometer


  • Not recommended for products with an ABV higher than 17% (accuracy ±0,1% Vol for products of 0-17% alcohol; lower accuracy for products between 17 and 21%)
  • Not suitable for products with a high sugar content, e..g., sweet wines, liquors or products with added syrups - the sugar content will be too high and will taint the readings


NB Before first use the 'readings' disc (supplied) must be calibrated with a product of known ABV. Prior to each use calibration using distilled water (not supplied) is recommended.

  • Pour product into the chamber
  • Light oil lamp
  • When the product has reached boiling point, read the temperature on the thermometer
  • On the disc supplied, read the ABV on outer disc which corresponds to the boiling point on the inner disc - this will give you the ABV


Digital thermometer:

  • Display resolution : 0.1°
  • Wide Range (-40+300°C / -40+572°F) to allow different uses
  • Range for Ebulliometer use : +90°C +100°C / +194°F & +212°F
  • Guaranteed Accuracy: ±0.2°C /±0.4°F
  • With Accuracy Certificate
  • Fully Waterproof IP 68
  • Functions : Backlight - Auto-Off - Recalibratable
  • Stainless steel piercing probe : 150 mm - Ø4 mm
  • Very fine tip Ø1.8 mm
  • Cable : 136 mm

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