• 20 litre bag in box (pack of 10)
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20 litre bag in box (pack of 10)

9766020 litre bag in box (pack of 10)

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Bag-in-box (BIB) packaging is a convenient and economical alternative to bottles. Products can remain in good condition for weeks or months after opening, due to the one-way tap that prevents the entry of air into the bag during dispensing. Vigo bag in boxes are suitable for cider and pasteurised juice (still, not carbonated); cask beer (see caveat re. cask beer in Application); other still products up to 15% ABV (with the exception of wine); and oil.

(Pack of 10) 20 litre bag-in-boxes


  • Designed for easy assembly and strength
  • No need for sticky tape or glue
  • Reinforced self-locking bases
  • Easy fold-in tops


  • 20 litre
  • Multi-layer for strength with PET MET laminate outer layer (looks like foil; NB not transparent like our previous bags were), low oxygen permeability and high oxygen barrier
  • Designed for hot fill/pasteurisation (up to 75°C)
  • Vitop tap and Vitop gland help prevent oxygen ingress

NB Discounts available for quantity purchases. Click on 'Show Price Breaks' to the left of the price above.

NB Bags and boxes can be ordered separately - see 5 Litre Bag, 10 Litre Bag, 20 Litre Bag, 5 Litre box, 10 Litre Box, 20 Litre Box. See the Bag in Boxes category in Catalogue.

To connect the bag to a pump in bars and restaurants, please see the Vitop Connector for Bag in Box (part code 79732), available separately.

See Bag in Box & Pouch Fillers for our range of bag in box machines.



  • Suitable for cider and pasteurised juice (still, not carbonated); wine (still); cask beer (see caveat re. cask beer below); other still products up to 15% ABV (with the exception of wine); and oil
  • Maximum ABV 15%
  • Suitable for hot fill, or pasteurisation of product in bag (maximum temperature 75°C)*

( * ) It is possible to pasteurise product in the bag after filling, by using the Vigo In-Bottle Pasteuriser.

NB These bags are not designed to hold carbonated beer.If you intend to use them for cask beer, then we suggest filling them on day of purchase, storing in the fridge and consuming within 1-2 days, otherwise given time and further conditioning the bags will expand and the taps will leak.

NB These bags are not suitable for freezing.



  • Made from polyethylene film (inner ply) and metallised PET MET Laminate (outler ply) for strength, low oxygen permeability and high oxygen barrier
  • Vitop tap and gland help prevent oxygen ingress
  • Vitop tap ensures a tight seal which will withstand several thousand manipulations - each tap undergoes a tightness test at a pressure of 0.4 bar
  • Tap includes a frontal tamper-evident tear strip
  • Tap can be connected to the Vitop Connector to enable easy connection to hand pumps in pubs


  • Strong self-locking base
  • Supplied with loose cardboard insert for additional reinforcement of base
  • Easy fold-in top
  • Assembly instructions printed on side of box




  • Length 653 x Width 468mm
  • Inner ply: polyethylene film, 45 microns
  • Outer ply: PET MET Laminate, 82 microns
  • Oxygen permeability (outer film): <1cc/m2 / 24hrs / atm @ 23 degrees C, 75% RH under 100% O2
  • Please note, these bags are not suitable for freezing.


  • PP body; HDPE piston; Elastometer valve; LLDPE gland
  • Permeability rate of oxygen approximately 0.1 cm3 (24-hour period, 21% oxygen rate, 50% relative humidity, 23°C)


  • Cardboard specification: double walled fluting of 7 mm; 300gsm grade paper either side of fluting
  • Dimensions: width 269 x length 240 x depth 363 mm


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