• Eclipse alcohol determination refractometer
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Eclipse alcohol determination refractometer

94222Eclipse alcohol determination refractometer

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The Eclipse range of optical hand-held refractometers are low-cost and portable, allowing you to carry out on the spot readings.

This refractometer is used to determine the percentage ABV.

  • Use along with a hydrometer (available separately) to determine % ABV with +/-0.5% accuracy (see note below)
  • Designed with a special linear scale called 'Zeiss' which, unlike standard Brix models with a compressed low end of the scale, allows for more accurate readings at the all important, low end of the scale - ideal for wine makers, cider makers & Trading Standards organisations looking for ABV estimations
  • 1-20% ABV range
  • Clear scale - view through eyepiece
  • Manufactured in the UK

Please note, before you use the refractometer, you will need to measure the Specific Gravity of your product via a hydrometer (see link below). The alcohol content is determined by a calculation involving the refractometer reading and the Specific Gravity reading. Enter the readings into the online calculator to give you the alcohol content, or do the calculation yourself and look up the resulting value in the table supplied to get the alcohol content. See Application & Downloads for more information.


  • 1: Measure the Specific Gravity using a hydrometer
  • 2: Measure the Zeiss value with the refractometer: drip the sample on the prism and close the flap, look through the eyepiece and take the reading at the borderline (light/dark demarkation line)
  • 3: To get the %ABV either enter the values on the online calculator or do the calculation (see Downloads) yourself and look up the resulting value in the table supplied
  • NB It is important that the Specific Gravity and Zeiss measurements are taken at the same temperature


  • Simple zero adjust with lock
  • Smooth focusing eyepiece seals against moisture ingress
  • High precision, clear scale
  • Easy-clean prism
  • Unique sample ‘dribble’ feature
  • Low weight
  • Anti-roll supports
  • Push-on prism flap
  • Water zero calibration – no need for expensive reference samples to calibrate
  • Metal construction with ergonomic rubber handgrip
  • Includes protective case & Certificate of Calibration
  • Specification

  • Range: 10-135 °Zeiss
  • Scale division: 1
  • Water resistance: IP65
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