Technibag Sympaty Top 320 semi automatic bag in box or pouch filler

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The Sympaty Top 320 is a semi-automatic filling machine for filling vacuum bags or pouches, manufactured by Technibag®, specialist manufacturers of bag-in-box filling and packing equipment.

  • Fills vacuum bags & pouches
  • Fill rate up to 300* x 3 litre bags per hour
  • Semi-manual machine on castors with pump and shelf for holding box
  • Tilted roller platform to ease bag removal with collection tray and complete height adjustment by spring-loaded handle
  • Automatic start-up of filling cycle (DAS system)
  • Automatic ejection of filled bag
  • Multi-stage filling cycle
  • Touch-screen multi-functional display
  • Many options available including high temperature filling kit (up to 110°C); temperature control; higher flow rate pump; Oxycontrol; electromagnetic counter; single phase, stainless steel frame, box shelf & castors; wall-mounted air drier for compressed air circuit; conveyor, etc.

( * ) Up to 320 3 litre bph achievable with the higher flow rate pump (optional extra)

Please contact us on 01404 892100 to discuss your bag in box (or pouch) filling requirements.


  • Suitable for: wine & fruit juices (for other liquids, please enquire)
  • Vacuum bags: 3 to 20 litre
  • Pouches: 1.5 to 3 litre
  • Filling: feed via pump
  • Product temperature: up to 45°C (high temperatures with extra accessory)


  • Suitable for: Vitop-type taps with a high neck

The Case Studies below represent a small sample of the Sympaty fillers we have supplied:

Tutts Clump Cider

Hunt's Farm Cider


  • Manual insertion of bag into neck
  • Tap grip & removal of tap via hand-operated lever
  • Filling cycle (automatic) begins automatically when filling head is placed in position via hand-operated lever:
    • Air removal from bag/pouch
    • Metering & filling
    • Nitrogen injection
  • Reinsertion of tap via hand-operated lever
  • Automatic ejection of filled bag

Fill rate by bag capacity:

  • 3 litre: up to 300 bph
  • 5 litre: up to 270 bph
  • 10 litre: up to 220 bph
  • 15 litre: up to 180 bph
  • 20 litre: up to 155 bph

Fill rate by pouch capacity [pph=pouches per hour]:

  • 1.5 litre: up to 280 pph
  • 3 litre: up to 260 pph

( * ) Depending on operator and product

  • Mounted on frame with 4 casters with height-adjustable shelf for holding box
  • Touch-screen multi-functional display
  • Program memory on all volumes
  • Pulse counter (72 points per litre)
  • Filling via high precision metering system
  • Integral closing filling head with hygienic screw tip
  • AISI 316 stainless steel liquid circuit
  • Automatic cycle start-up with anti-start safety control
  • Automatic locking of arm during filling
  • Automatic ejection of full bag at end of cycle
  • Separate vacuum and nitrogen circuits
  • Vacuum by analogue vacuum switch
  • Automated injection at end of filling cycle
  • Built-in 0-4 Bar pressure regulator (for nitrogen)
  • Tilted roller platform; and complete height adjustment by spring-loaded handle
  • CIP circuit: with automated cleaning of vacuum circuit
  • Liquid output: 82 HL/h
  • Pump: with side channel, stainless steel body and three phase motor with 2 purges for complete drainage and reverse direction
  • Air pressure: 6 to 6.5 Bar
  • Air consumption: 0.3m3/h
  • Nitrogen supply: 0.5 to 1 Bar
  • Nitrogen flow: depends on final installation
  • Noise level: <85 db
  • Power: 400V, 50Hz, three phase
  • Connections to your specification (Macon 40M as standard)
  • Dimensions: Width 640 x depth 920 x height 1345mm
  • Weight: 85kg

Vigo is the UK agent for Technibag®, specialist manufacturers of bag-in-box filling and packing equipment with over 15 years' experience.


Technibag’s manufactures bag-in-box solutions which are designed to preserve the quality of packaged liquids. Design and manufacture is carried out by their technical team in their manufacturing plant in France, which enables them to operate to stringent quality standards. Technibag commission APAVE, an independent safety audit organisation, to test their manufactured materials prior to launch on the market


Technibag are represented across 5 continents in over 85 countries.

Range & Technology:

Since it established in 2000, Technibag has launched over 20 new products and carried out many research programs to place it at the forefront of innovative product development. Technibag’s latest technological developments include:

  • DAS system: Automated start-up of filling cycle

  • Oxycontrol® technology: Nitrogen flushing of tap collar prior to closure

  • Web & single technology: Models available for single bags/pouches and bags on a web

  • ’Ultra-clean’ models: compliant with specific food-industry quality standards – includes AISI 316 stainless steel chamber-welded liquid contact parts, electromagnetic flow-meter, steam-cleanable up to 110°C, IP65 filling head components, etc.

  • Connectivity: Via Smartphone, tablet or PC (B'Booster only)

  • Flow Pilot regulator: A unique solution (buffer vat under nitrogen pressure) that guarantees quick, precise, high-quality filling without oxidation; for automatic lines - installed between the pasteuriser and the filling machine

Advancement of Industry:

Technibag are committed to industry development and participate in cross-company programs: * European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHDG) - collaboration ensures hygienic design equipment and installations

* ECAM - a mechanical engineering college internationally renowned for its innovations

* CTCPA - a food processing research institute and analysis lab

* Performance BIB - international research association for BIB beverages
What we can offer

In partnership with Technibag, we can offer you:

  • Advice on the appropriate equipment for you - taking budget, space and desired throughput into consideration

  • Installation, commissioning & training by our team of experienced, multi-skilled Vigo engineers

  • Full technical backup

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