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Gaermeister CONTROL

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If you own a Speidel stainless steel fermentation tank with a cooling jacket and thermal detector, the Gärmeister CONTROL is the perfect one tank control. In addition to controlling the desired temperature it is possible to use fermentation programs with up to five different phases, which allow you to specify the temperature and time for each medium. The settings can be altered via the touch screen display.

The Garmeister CONTROL has outlets for the cooling circuit control valve and an optional heating circuit.

Includes a control valve, a two metres cable, a thermal detector and a 24 volt power connection with international connectors.

The Gärmeister CONTROL can also be monitored and controlled through My Speidel. To do this, you need one of the New Braumeister models (with integrated WiFi capability)* or a Wifi Module Braumeistermobil (part code 93542), & Garmeister Software 1.1.3 and updates which can be down loaded from the Speidel website.


(*) See NEW MODEL #Braumeister PLUS 20 Litre (part code 93629) & NEW MODEL #Braumeister PLUS 50 Litre (part code 93630)

NB Image shows the Garmeister mounded on the side of a Braumeiseter.


NB: Only suitable for use with a Speidel stainless steel fermentation tank with a cooling jacket and thermal detector - please call us for advice on this.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are out of stock of this product and our suppliers have informed us that stock is unlikely to be available until later in the year. Unfortunately, they are unable to give a precise date at this time. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Please call us on 01404 892 100 if you have any questions.


Please see the Tanks category in Catalogue for our full range of tanks and a sample of Speidel tank accessories.

Please see the Braumeisters category for the Braumeisters & accessories.


  • One tank control for Speidel stainless steel fermentation tank with cooling jacket and thermal detector
  • Fermentation program with 5 phases (temperature and time/h)
  • Temperature range -5 °C to +50 °C
  • Simple desired-temperature control
  • Touch screen TFT display
  • Outlets: magnetic valve for cooling circuit, optional heating circuit
  • Delivery includes magnetic valve and 2 metres cable for magnetic valve, thermal detector, power connection (24 V DC including international connectors for Europe, USA, GB, Australia)
  • Monitoring and controling online on My Speidel via a wifi module wifi module like the Braumeistermobil shown below (available separately)


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