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Temperature controllers -

Vigo offers Kreyer temperature controllers from Germany. For more information about Kreyer and the installation service we offer please click on the Kreyer tab below.

Kreyer's FermFix temperature control system monitors and displays actual and set temperature for accurate control of individual tank temperatures by controlling the flow of coolant through heat exchange jackets. FermFix can be easily retrofitted to existing tanks.

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Case Studies: Kreyer

Kreyer - 40 Years of Specialist Knowledge: The Kreyer range is founded on 40 years of specialist knowledge in wine temperature control at all stages of vinification and is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of modern winemaking. It includes equipment for refrigeration and temperature control at all stages of winemaking, either at tank level, room level or through direct cooling or heating.

A Proven Reputation: Kreyer cooling and temperature control equipment has a well-earned, proven reputation in wineries throughout the world. Kreyer have developed innovative comprehensive and computerised systems for temperature regulation, CO2 monitoring, micro/macro oxidisation, and room temperature control. Heat-exchangers and room acclimatisation units complement their range.

Company Development: The Kreyer brand was founded in southern France. Company expansion led to the development of larger production facilities and to sales offices being set up in other European countries and the USA. In 1998 the company changed ownership and was incorporated into Wine Technology GmbH (WTG) an internationally renowned specialist in wine cooling, based in Germany in the heart of the Mosel winegrowing region. WTG is now represented in all major wine-growing countries worldwide, incorporating over 40 countries, including Chile, South Africa and Australia.

Vigo Installations: Vigo has vast experience providing and customising Kreyer temperature control solutions, from individual machines to complete computerised systems, to meet the specific requirements of each application. Comprehensive installation and commissioning by our own engineers, and the construction of ringmains, are included as part of service.


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