• Airlock adaptor
  • 35201 2
  • Shown in situ with airlock & bung in lid of plastic drum - Copy
  • Shown in situ with airlock & bung in lid of variable capacity tank - Copy

Airlock adaptor

35201Airlock adaptor

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  • Enables an airlock and bung to be fitted to the hole of a flat-topped tank (e.g., plastic ex-juice drums and variable capacity tanks)
  • Suitable for use with Speidel variable capacity tanks (type BO & FO) with a tank diameter of up to 820mm
  • Keeps the stem of the airlock above the level of the liquid while allowing the vessel to be filled to the underside of the lid to exclude air
  • Supplied with black o-ring
  • Easy to fit: push male fitting up through the hole in the tank lid/top so the seal is up against the underside of the lid/top; screw female fitting onto male fitting
  • Tank hole needs to be 44mm diameter

NB The airlock and bung shown in the additional photos are not included - see Application.

NB A different version of this airlock adaptor is available which includes a cap, so you can also use it without a bung and airlock - see Bulkhead Airlock Adapator (orange), product code 95202.


To use with Cylinder airlock (product code 28201), available separately, choose 44 to 37mm taper Ø x 38mm bored Compound Bung (product code 35506), available separately.


Male fitting:

  • Bottom rim outside Ø: 51mm
  • Collar outside Ø (widest point): 42mm
  • Female fitting:
  • Inside Ø (at top): 36mm
  • With thread on outside for cap (not included, supplied separately)
  • When screwed together (without cap):
  • Height: 57mm

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