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ACI CB-C craft can drying system

The DRI-Line Series range of air knife drying systems are primarily focused on removing surface moisture in the packaging process to help improve the quality of date coding and labelling processes, and are produced by ACI (Air Control Industrustries), who have been engineering systems for the packaging industry for over 50 years. They are typically installed in-line to the outfeed of automatic filling systems which may have integral an external rinse function, but don't have drier functionality.

The benefits of the DRI-Line Series include:

  • Helping to increase the speed of processing and packaging output
  • Eliminating the smearing of labels and date codes
  • Preventing the misapplication of tamper-proof labels or bands
  • Helps remove threat of stress corrosion
  • Stops watermarks from forming on the bottom of cans
  • Compared to compared air nozzle systems, the DRI-Line Series offers the following reductions: energy consumption; noise levels; maintenance - see Application

The CB-C Craft Can Drying System is specifically designed to surface dry aluminium cans for date coding, labelling or packaging. Using a small centrifugal blower, ACI’s ‘CB-C’ system is suitable for line speeds up to 6,000 cans per hour. The system is designed to be easily operated and maintained.

  • Speeds of up to 6,000 cans per hour
  • Capable of drying 330ml through to 568ml cans, giving a 98%* residual of water. [(*) figure attained after rigorous product testing at ACI’s test facility in Axminster.]
  • 5.5kW centrifugal radial bladed blower - drys can tops, bottoms & sides
  • 24 month ACI warranty
  • Available with or without spray enclosure and drip tray

These machines can be linked in-line to canning lines which don't have a drying facility, date coders and labelling machines

Installed & commissionined by our Engineers.

Please call us on 01404 892100 to discuss these machines.


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[Did you know that our sister company, Rawlings, supplies bottles? See Glass Packaging]


The DRI-Line Series can be used for the following applications:

  • After filling, washing or rinsing
  • Prior to ink jet coding
  • Prior to packaging
  • Prior to labelling

Compared to compressed air nozzle systems, the DRI-Line blower-driven series:

  • Reduces high energy consumption - operation running costs reduced by as much as 90% - blower driven air from an advanced ACI air knife uses far less energy because it produces higher volumes of low-pressure air (clean, safe air) - by comparison, compressed air energy costs are very high; by switching from compressed air to blower-driven air payback can be achieved in as little as a few months
  • Reduce high noise levels - lower air pressures reduce the expansion ratio and turbulence of the air produced
  • Is cleaner - blower-driven air is both dry and oil-free; no expensive additional air filtration is required

The CB-C is suitable for aluminium cans.


  • Single slot can-dryer mounted on top of the conveyor to dry can lids or can bottoms
  • Additional AK05 aluminium anodised air knives 300mm long (2x) to dry the can sides
  • ACI/EV APE711 (5.5kW) centrifugal blower, with a running current of 10.4A, a motor FLC of 14A, providing an overall system pressure of 35inwg
  • Noise levels are 91 dB(A) without the polyethylene spray enclosure in place, and 89dB(A) without*
  • Blower: Three phase

(*) An additional acoustic enclosure is available for the blower

With can drying, as well as offering visual evidence of drying, ACI can provide test facilities to verify drying standards achieved. For example, a code of Practice Code drawn-up jointly by the MPMA (Metal Packaging Manufacturers’ Association) and BLRA (Brewers’ and Licensed Retailers Association) relating to can drying is followed.



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