Manual keg filling head

96153Manual keg filling head

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This manual keg filling head is designed for trouble-free hand filling of kegs.

Manufactured by our Engineers.

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How it works:

  • Fit the filling head to the to the keg as per the instructions supplied
  • Close the vent valves and drain valves need to be closed and open the keg head valve & main inlet valves
  • To fill, open the vent valve slightly - filling speed can be regulated by how much/little this valve is opened
  • The keg will automatically stop filling when full
  • Detach the filling head from the keg as per the instructions supplied

NB For best results, we recommend charging the keg with CO2 before filling


  • Suitable for Sankey keg fitting only
  • 1½" AIS316 clamp entry with butterfly valve
  • Manufactured in stainless steel


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