Springfiner fining agent 125g

94535Springfiner fining agent 125g

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Spring’Finer™ is the perfect fining agent produced from yeast, produced by Fermentis (Lesaffre), key global players in yeasts and fermentation solutions.

  • Exclusively from yeast origin, the yeast protein extract SpringFiner is an excellent alternative to fining agents which are made from egg albumen and casein
  • For Premium red and white wines, notably aged in barrels, to refine them before bottling
  • For strongly pressed must and wines, in order to remove the most astringent tannins
  • Sachet of 125g

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  • Still white, rosé & red wines
  • Must


  • Musts: 5 -20 g/hl (legal EU limit 30g/hl)
  • Red wines: 5-15 g/hl (legal EU limit 60g/hl)
  • White and rosé wines: 1-5 g/hl (legal EU limit 30g/hl)

Pour Spring’Finer™ in 10 times its weight of water (never in wine) at 10-20°C maximum. Wait for complete dissolution, stir and incorporate the obtained solution directly into the wine through an adequate connector. Homogenize the wine through a pumping over without aeration.

Warning: Yeast protein extracts are subjected to usage limit of 30 to 60g/hl according to the EU legislation. See above for EU limits. Please check UK legislation for UK limits.


  • Wine clarification: Contrary to yeast extracts coming from yeast autolysis process at high amino acids and small peptides content, Spring’Finer™ contains high molecular weight proteins (>15kDa) whose clarifying capabilities towards cloudy particles and colloids present in the wines are totally similar to other protein fining agents.
  • Astringency and bitterness decrease: Spring Finer specifically precipitates the most astringent and bitter tannins while preserving wine structure, thus decreasing their harshness and improving their organoleptic quality.
  • Stabilization towards oxidation: Spring Finer removes oxidable polyphenols, thus contributes to stabilize treated wines against browning.
  • No protein destabilization: Even if Spring Fine is based on yeast proteins, it doesn’t provoke any protein destabilization of the wines.
  • Limited loss of wine: After fining stage, the lees obtained by the use of Spring Finer are thick and compact, thus allowing decreasing the loss of racked wine and enhancing its added value.



Yeast Protein Extract

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