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PMH Oenopompe rotary lobe pumps

Rotary lobe pumps are a form of positive displacement pump that use lobes rotating around parallel shafts to pump a product. They are highly versatile, pumping viscous liquids, fruit pulp, and free running liquids; they maintain a continuous flow; and are gentle on the product.

The Oenopompe is manufactured by PMV Vinicole, who have been supplying and serving wineries since 1835 and is a multifunctional pump specifically designed to provide the best pumping quality and for the demanding consitions of winery work.

  • Distinctive for it's innovative helical lobed rotary technology (see image & video)
  • Wide range of applications, including pumping juices, wines, alcohol, lees, musts, de-stemmed grapes, high temperature juices, cleaning products
  • Continous, smooth, guaranteed jolt-free flow
  • Tested and accredited by the BNIC in Cognac
  • Up to 5 times less dissolved oxygen during transfers - see Application for reference to article from La Vigne magazine in Features
  • Includes speed variation, reverse direction, flow rate display, timer settings & servo control
  • High frequency and long range remote control - includes flow rate display, speed variation, start/forward/reverse/stop, recharageable battery, battery charge indication, with handy hook (e.g., for hanging from lanyard)
  • Models available:
    • 15 to 130 Hl/h (1,500 to 13,000 lph): OENOPOMPE® 130
    • 25 to 250 Hl/h (2,500 to 25,000 lph) : OENOPOMPE® 250
    • 30 to 450 Hl/h (3,000 to 45,000 lph) : OENOPOMPE® 450
    • 100 to 600 Hl/h (10,000 to 60,000 lph) : OENOPOMPE® 600
  • Light, mobile, robust, 5 years breakdown cover*
  • Easy draining, cleaning and maintenance
  • LCD display - easy adjustment of settings; display of pumping parameters
  • Options include: Touch screen, Oenoflux® electromagnetic flowmeter with accuracy of 99.7%, by-pass kit, automatic barrel filling and racking, adjustable regulation by pressure or temperature, external control, gravitaire freeflow with or without counting, run-dry sensor with adjustable timer, ATEX modifications, etc.

(*) Excludes wear parts; on board electrics 2 year warranty

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Suitable for pumping juices, wines, alcohol, lees, musts, de-stemmed grapes, high temperature juices and cleaning products. Applications can include:

  • Racking
  • Barrel filling
  • Transfer
  • Filtering
  • Bottling
  • Thermovinification

Feedback on the OENOPOMPE® from Perrier-Jouët and Jaillance

This article was published in issue No 261 in February 2014. La Vigne journalist, Grégory Pasquier, highlights three of OENOPOMPE®’s main advantages compared to existing wine pumps, through feedback from Perrier-Jouët (Champagne) and Jaillance (Die region):

  1. The OENOPOMPE® reduces the level of dissolved oxygen during transfers by between 3 and 5 times
  2. The OENOPOMPE® has a very good priming capability
  3. The OENOPOMPE® reduces premature wearing of pipes by eliminating spluttering and jolts, for wineries obliged to equip themselves with more fragile phthalate-free pipes



  • Innovative helical lobes rotar technology - see video in YouTube tab
  • Pumps with an uninterrupted flow of liquid, without pulsation, with no mixing or emulsion (does not require anti-pulsatory bottles and eliminates bacterial infctions)
  • Automatic motorised butterfly valve - guarantees no backflow when the pump is shut down
  • Resistance to high temperature - enables sterilisation up to 80°C



  • Stainless steel pump housing
  • EPDM lobes (sulphur-free & phthalates-free guaranteed)
  • Suction vacuum capacity: -5m
  • Operating pressure up to 6 bar
  • DN40, DN50, DN70 connection or to specification
  • 10 meter electric cable



NB This video features some of the optional extras, e.g., colour touch screen, etc ...

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