Temperature Control & Chilling

Here at Vigo, we provide temperature control and industrial chiller systems for cideries and cider producers, whether at product level (e.g., in tank/s) for cold settling of must, fermentation control, micro or macro oxygenation, cold stabilisation or even product chilling prior to carbonation; or whether at room level (e.g., in storage/tasting rooms). Read our blog to learn more about Temperature Control.

Our offering includes WTG Quantor (Kreyer) chilling and temperature control units, Speidel stainless steel tanks with heat exchange / cooling jackets, and complete industrial chiller systems for cideries, with Vigo custom-made bespoke ringmains installed and commissioned by our engineers.

Browse our selection of cidery chillers and temperature control systems below and call us on 01404 892 100 to discuss your chilling or temperature control requirements.


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