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ABE Beverage Equipment (formally American Beer Equipment) designed their Brewhouses on the premise that the individual personalities of craft beer should be able to be replicated at each brew, whilst enabling the brewer to have complete control of the process. ABE brewhouses and canning lines are installed in over 980 craft breweries across America. There are many options available to choose from. from a full turn-key brewery or a single piece of equipment:

  • 2, 3 or 4 vessel systems
  • Capacities of 2 to 43 BBL-UK (3 to 60 BBL-US)
  • Fully automatic or semi-automatic control
  • A range of automation features to enable customisation of brews

See Features below for more information about ABE Brewhouses. With installation and commissioning by our team of Engineers and training given to you and your staff, we are able to provide you with full technical support.

Please call us on 01404 892100 to talk about brewhouses.

See the 'ABE' tab below for customer Case Studies.


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  • Touch-screen PLC control to enable you to control most parts of the brew house operation
  • Option of fully automatic or semi-automatic control
  • A range of automation features so you can customise your brews and enable replication
  • Program your own recipes and save them by name
  • iPad/iPhone controllable
  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction with "high-grip" brewing platform and stairs
  • Variable frequency speed control on all pumps and motors
  • Liquid transfer between vessels via Baldor SS wash-down pumps
  • Optional pneumatic actuated fluid valve system
  • Glass manways
  • Optional automatic hot/cold blending assembly to ensure consistency of liquor temperature in mash tun
  • Optional automatic rake of lauter tun
  • Optional fully automatic CIP process
  • Optional fermentation temperature control




We are the UK agents for ABE Beverage Equipment (formerly American Beer Equipment), one of the market leaders in the US craft brewing equipment markets and manufacturers of beverage equipment.

We choose ABE not only for their reputation in the US market, but also for the following reasons:

  • They are in industry leading OEM (original equipment manufacturer) company, with a high reputation in the US craft beer market
  • They are equipment innovators - developers of the CraftCan™, LinCan™, and patented Servo-seamer™ with seamer analysis
  • ABE brewhouses and canning lines are installed in over 1,000 craft breweries across America
  • They have 24 years' manufacturing experience
  • They design and manufacture the majority of their equipment in-house
  • Their equipment is cross-sector and suitable for many other drink types
  • The latest 3D modelling techniques & schematics are used in the design process
  • They use stringent quality control measures during manufacture
  • Their staff are experienced, hard-working and professional
  • They understand what craft brewers want
  • They can provide bespoke solutions
  • Their values are the same as ours - quality, service & backup

ABE Video

Watch the ABE video here.

The Range

We supply the full range of ABE Canning Lines,ABE Brewhouses, ABE Mash Houses (for Distilleries), & Cold Brew Coffee Houses.

What we offer...

We've been supplying and installing ABE canning lines and brewhouses in the UK and Eire for 8 years now. We can offer you:

  • Advice on the appropriate equipment for you - taking budget, space and desired throughput into consideration
  • Ancillary equipment including depalletisers, twist rinsers & inkjet date coders (for canning lines for example)
  • A comprehensive quotation outlining our recommended solution/s
  • Full machine specifications with clear pricing
  • We can survey your site, advise, and provide CAD modelling to guarantee smooth project delivery
  • Our multi-skilled engineers to install and commission your equipment on site and provide training to you and your production operatives
  • Comprehensive 12 month warranty, backed up by our team of Vigo engineers
  • Maintenance & full technical backup and support from our mobile engineers
  • Good stock of spare parts


Case Studies

The Case Studies below represent a small sample of the canning lines and brewhouse we have supplied.


Read our Why can in house? & The Brewhouse blog.

How can we help you?

If you're looking to source a canning line, brewhouse or coffee/mash house, please call us on 01404 892100 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.



We have been supplying producers in the drink industry since 1984. We work with renowned manufacturers throughout Europe and in America to bring you robust and efficient production and processing equipment, backed up by our team of Vigo engineers. The manufacturer listed above is just one example. See our Manufacturers page for a list / more information on the manufacturers we are proud to work with.



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