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Pershore College - Cross Flow Filter
Pershore's Juicing Enterprise - Bottling apple juice (NB Their cross flow filter is used for cider, not apple juice)

Pershore College's Juicing Enterprise

To bring value to the (sound) ‘grade-out’ apples grown on their 5 hectare orchard, Pershore College began producing apple juice in 1993 with equipment supplied by Vigo. In 2007, Richard Toft was recruited as the Development Manager of Pershore’s juicing enterprise and the college now sells 40,000 bottles of 'Avonbank' juice, cider and perry per year.

Pershore College's Filtration Requirement

Cross flow was the chosen method of clarifying cider in Pershore’s juicing enterprise. As opposed to plate filtration or earth filtration, Richard regards cross flow as the only economically viable method as day to day filtration consumables are eliminated, and if looked after, the filter cartridge of cross flow filter should last many seasons.

The manufacturer of the 15 year old single unit cross flow filter the juicing enterprise were using was bought up by another group who no longer supported the filter. With a new filtration element required, Richard had no option but to source another filter. He did some investigation and could only find industrial scale cross flow filters which were outside of his budget and with throughputs far in excess of his requirements. Richard challenged Vigo to find a solution.

The Solution

Vigo supplied Pershore College with a Bared B1 Cross Flow Filter, with a flow rate of 700 litres per hour. Bared have specialised in membrane technologies for the drinks industry for over 30 years. Their cross flow filters include a feeding pump to draw the product from a storage tank, a circulation pump to circulate the product through the filtering module and a back wash system.

The Results

With the old single unit cross flow filter, Richard could filter 1000 litres per day. He would start it up at 8am and turn it off at midnight. With the Bared filter, Richard filters the same quantity within one hour. Product loss is low - between 3 and 4% - which he said is much lower than loss levels you would get from an earth filter, plate filter, or bigger unit. He reports that the filter is simple to use and the supervision required is totally dependent on the capacity of the product tanks being used. He is able to filter between 2,000 and 3,000 litres of product before he operates the back-wash system on the filter.


Richard provided the following feedback:

‘I have been working with Vigo in excess of 20 years and have faith that they give good customer service. They are value for money, which keeps me going back to them. I still have the original apple press that they supplied me 22 years ago and Vigo can still supply every part we need – that is value for money.

Vigo found me a cross flow filter so that the juicing enterprise could stay in business. If they hadn’t have found me one, the whole business would have folded. Our current facility was originally funded as a business support unit for the local Cider (and apple juice) industry. Our major USP is to provide quality bottling services (filtration and carbonation) to customers wanting smaller bottling runs - this could be NPD for larger businesses, through to smaller customers only wanting a few hundred/thousand litres doing one batch. Cross flow is integral to the services we provide. We provide a unique and vital service to the industry within the three counties.

I work for a public institution. I have to have the back up and parts from suppliers to know that I am not buying a white elephant. Value for money isn’t buying something cheaper – but is having backup.’

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